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Getting Started

Small and medium-sized healthcare companies frequently don’t spend precious resources on government affairs.

A full blown government relations program can be expensive and may not pay dividends for years.

We can get you started with the most important pieces:

  • Inventory your public affairs assets (every company has them)
  • Reach out to public officials where you are constituents
  • Determine your primary government policy objectives

All this at a price that won’t break the bank.


Create a PAC

Almost every mature healthcare company in the United States has a political action committee (PAC). PACs were invented over 40 years ago to create accountability and transparency in political fundraising.

PACs are an important way for companies to participate in public advocacy. It demonstrates to policy makers that you are serious and are willing to support serious candidates for public office.

We can help you file the necessary documents with the Federal Election Commission, but better yet, we can create a campaign to get your employees and stakeholders excited about engaging.


Expand Your Influence

Even the biggest companies need allies. Your company needs a base of people and organizations that can advocate on your behalf.

Every healthcare company has natural allies that want you to succeed and are willing to help you in your public policy efforts.

Our task is to find them and help create and nurture the relationships that will be enduring and beneficial for both parties.

Capitol Building

Government Relations for Small Healthcare Companies

Healthcare is a political enterprise. State and federal government policies determine whether your drug, device, or service can be legally sold and reimbursed by public insurance programs.

You probably already have retained FDA counsel, but may not have invested in a government relations program yet. If not, talk with us to see why government relations makes sense for even the smallest companies.

Best of all, you can have an effective government relations capability for less than the cost of a full time employee.

Let us show you how.


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